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Paste the Wall Instructions

How do I use the Paste the Wall Method?

With the development of non-woven wallcoverings it is now possible to paste the wall rather than the paper for non-woven unpasted products. Non-woven wall coverings do not stretch as much as traditional wallpapers as they do not have to be "booked" to allow the paper fibres to relax and absorb the paste. See the glossary for more about booking.

For non-woven prepasted products use our prepasted border, wallpaper, RoomMates XL Murals, Easy-Walls or SureStrip instructions.

Important Check

  • Check that the number of rolls and the reference correspond correctly with your order and that they have the same batch number on matching patterns.
  • Manufacturers instructions vary and you should follow these when delivered with the product. Make sure you are hanging a paste the wall type wallcovering if you are using this method. It is not suitable for other types of wallpapers.

To hang wallpaper, you will need the following items (all available from your local hardware or interior decorating supplier):


  • Sharp scissors or a straight edge and craft knife.
  • Pencil
  • Extra strong all purpose wallpaper / wallcovering paste
  • Paint Roller
  • Soft cloth to clean off excess paste
  • Level or plumb line to achieve a vertical line.

Ensure the surfaces are clean, smooth and dry

  • For professional results it is important to prepare the surfaces to be decorated.
  • Ensure surfaces to be decorated are clean and dry.
  • High gloss and semi-gloss paint finishes should be sanded in order for adhesive to grip.(80 grit sand paper)
  • Allow for fresh paint to cure before applying the wallcovering.
  • A coating of wall size should be used. This will assist in the easy removal wallcoverings when redecorating.

Paste the wall

  • Measure 50cm from a corner and mark a vertical straight line on the wall to line up your first sheet of paper.
  • Use a roller to evenly paste where the first length of wallpaper will hang.
  • Make sure you use plenty of paste and that the pasted area is slightly wider than the width of the roll.

Hang your first drop

  • It is not necessary to waste time carefully measuring and cutting of drops of wallcovering.
  • Leaving the roll at the bottom of the wall pull up sufficient wallcovering to reach the top point of your decorating.
  • Slide the paper into position with one edge against your vertical line on the wall.
  • The other edge will wrap around the corner by 2cm.
  • Smooth it down with a damp sponge or brush.
  • Trim the drop top and bottom to length with your scissors or a straight edge and craft knife.
  • Don't worry about very small blisters - they'll disappear when the paper dries.

Repeat for each drop

  • For each strip make sure the pattern matches and the edges are tight together.
  • Some patterns require alternative lengths hanging upside down. Check the label for the symbol with one arrow facing up and one facing down.
  • "No match" on the label means there is no pattern match.


  • Removal is super easy.
  • Lift up a bottom corner and peeling steadily up towards the top.
  • Because of the non-woven backing of most paste-the-wall wallcoverings it is completely strippable in full sheets.