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Mural and Collage Hanging Instructions

Unpasted Wallpaper Mural Hanging Instructions

Unpasted Collage Hanging Instructions

Note: Not all designs shown in the hanging instructions will be available.

Tips for hanging your collage:

  • Pre-design your wall with a quick sketch.
  • Measure and Mark out the start, middle and end on your design on the wall.
  • Maybe use some blue tack to position the key pieces of your collage before starting.
  • Use a thicker layer of paste if you have freshly painted/plastered walls.
  • When overlapping pieces make sure the edges are covered with paste.
  • lf your piece starts to curl when pasting simply add more paste.
  • If your piece starts to bubble after applying to the wall. Allow more soaking time. —
  • Why not use some of the numbers and symbols as extra letters. E.g., The number 3 could be used as the letter E, if flipped.
  • Use more than 1 pack of creative collage for larger areas.
  • Got left over letters? Why not use the pieces in picture frames. - Get adventurous.

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