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Special Orders

Special orders are the ones where we organise for product to be especially imported into Australia or New Zealand for you, as the items are generally not stocked here in Australia. Some items are available by special order only. These may be referred to as indent orders.

By having items available by special order we give our customers a much larger selection.

  • When you order an item that has no stock it typically is a special order.
  • On occasion we may email you to state an order has become a special order as stock just ran out.
  • Payment by credit card or direct deposit needs to be finalised before we place the order for you. Direct deposit can add a significant time to the order delivery date.
  • Orders take up to approximately 3-7 weeks for delivery, depending on the manufacturer. This time starts from the payment being confirmed as cleared by our bank. Usually the timing is closer to 3 weeks.
  • NO RETURNS except for faulty items where we organise replacements.
  • If the manufacturer cannot supply within a reasonable delivery time we reserve the right to cancel the order. In this case the payment will be refunded in full and you will be notified by email. No other returns permitted.
  • Our standard shipping and handling charges are incurred for special orders even though the items will be specially air freighted into Australia and for you.