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Genuine Flock Wallpaper Instructions

How do I Apply Unpasted Genuine Flock Wallpaper?

Important Check

  • Care must be taken to not get paste on the front of genuine flock wallcoverings. This is why the manufacturer of Flamante Flock Wallpapers recommends paste-the-wall method of installation.
  • Check that the number of rolls and the reference correspond correctly with your order and that they have the same batch number on matching patterns.
  • Manufacturers instructions vary and you should follow these when delivered with the product.


  • Sponge
  • Pencil
  • Sharp adjustable blade knife
  • Straight edge ruler and or spirit level
  • An old sheet or similar object to protect your floor.

To see the Flamante Genuine Flock Wallcoverings instructions print off this PDF of the back of the product label.

To print this you require Adobe Reader, Free online. Get Adobe Reader