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Prepasted XL Mural Instructions

How Do I Apply Prepasted XL Murals?

Applying our XL wallpaper murals from RoomMates is as easy as 1-2-3: simply cut apart each panel, dip it in warm water, and bring it to the wall. Each of the seven panels are prepasted and water-activated, and will fit together without the need for overlapping or additional paste. Please note that XL wallpaper murals from RoomMates are removable without damage, but are not repositionable after application.

Need more help?

Check out our XL mural how-to video for a guide to applying your mural with ease. Cannot see the video - see below.*

That's it! While the first time may seem daunting, once you finish hanging your first wall or room of wallpaper, you'll be a seasoned pro. Don't sweat the small stuff: even if you make a mistake, we're sure people will be way too busy admiring your new wallpaper to notice a tiny gap in between panels or slight mismatch in the corner. And if you get stuck, you can always consult our website or a local interior decorator for help.


Careful removal of XL prepasted murals will minimise any wall damage.

Strippable Wallpaper: Wallpaper or border that is easily removed without damaging the wall. Strippable papers remove both the cover and backing at the same time.

Peelable Wallpaper: Wallpaper or border of which the front and middle layers can be stripped away, exposing the backing material and making removal easier. Once the backing is exposed, it can then be saturated with hot soapy water and scraped from the wall.

Ultra-strippable Wallpaper: Lift up a bottom corner and peeling steadily up towards the top. It is completely strippable in full sheets.

* If the video is not showing please remove the "s" from the https in your web browser as this is a YouTube video and does not need a secure setting.