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Faux Surfaces Wallpapers

Faux Surfaces WallpapersLooking to create a reclaimed industrial look? Wished you lived in a place with brick walls or concrete finish? The problem with remodeling a warehouse is it can be very costly or the loft locations are not where you wish to live. Or you are just too busy for a full on reno.

Why not decorate with faux surface wallpaper. Achieve the New York loft look for a feature wall. Add a couple of edgy reproductions or an old recycled find. Finish with black metal light shade. Plus with wallpaper you can achieve a look and change it easier later.

If you are not sure if colours will match your decor or you will like the texture then order a sample. Samples can be ordered for most of our wallpaper ranges. Look for the sample order section on product pages or use the Sample Order Only page.