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Vogue Non-Woven Wallpaper RangeVogue is a range of traditional and contemporary styled wallpapers with a subtle touch of glitter on many of the designs. The range includes large damasks, stripes and florals.

Plus Vogue wallcoverings are decor styling with ease.
We need to get a little technical so you know why Vogue is decor styling with ease. Vogue is printed on non-woven wallcoverings. That means you paste the wall – easier than pasting the paper and carrying it to the wall. It does not stretch in the same way as paper does making pattern matching easier. Non-Woven makes it super easy to strip off in complete sheets when you want to change your decor.

If you are not sure if colours will match your decor or you will like the texture then order a sample. Samples can be ordered for most of our wallpaper ranges. Look for the sample order section on product pages or use the Sample Order Only page.